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Assessment Solutions

Need help deciding what's right for your organization? Reach out to our experts.

Skills Training 

Your professionals need the skills to conduct assessment & analysis.  We can help.


Worried that your assessment efforts are missing the mark? Our expert consultants provide comprehensive consultation services, including key findings and recommendations to improve your assessment.

Full Service

You know you need to be doing assessments and exploring your organization's data, but you don't have the bandwidth.  Let us do it for you.


  • Consultant will provide a high-level review of your organization's assessment strategy

  • Initial findings and recommendations

  • 60-minute consultant meeting

Assessment Design

  • Measurable goal-setting

  • Using data to drive organization decisions 

  • Benchmarking

  • Gap Analysis

  • Other assessment methods: focus groups, interviews, observation, etc.

survey development

  • Client satisfaction

  • Organization/program needs

  • Employee engagement

  • Survey design/flow

  • Inclusive question design

  • Participant engagement (consent, incentives, etc.)

  • Both large and targeted population reach

data analysis

  • Usage data analysis

  • Survey response analysis

  • Data cleansing

  • Inclusive analysis methods

  • Data visualization

  • Honest Broker services


  • Comprehensive data reports

  • Beautiful, engaging visuals 

  • Executive summaries, including key findings and recommendations 

  • Contextual information and supporting narratives

Strategic planning

  • We facilitate the process to create new or boost existing:

    • Mission & vision statements​

    • Measurable goal statements and outcomes

    • Action plans

    • Timelines and progress checks

program evaluation

​*This service is only available to higher education institutions 

  • Comprehensive program review facilitation

  • Customizable to your department/program needs

  • Virtually-facilitated or in-person options available

  • Utilizes Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) materials and standards

  • Facilitation of external expertise/consultant review process

  • Final report of findings

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